Apartment Living, EV Lifestyle

Photo Credit to Brandon Griggs via Unsplash

Are you nomadic, or tribal? How about comfortably edge? Exceedingly unhurried?

What is your lifestyle? If you live in an apartment building, townhouse community, or residential subdivision, chances are that the inclusive amenities influence you more than you realize — no matter what the rest of your lifestyle looks like. Heck — having quick access to a printer in the business center can mean the difference between landing the next client and missing the opportunity completely. The lap pool, exercise room, dog washing station or covered parking are all attractive amenities that increase the marketability and decrease the vacancy rate of a development. Fueled by new building codes in 2021, a brand new amenity is starting to take shape and get its own checkbox on Apartments.com: electric vehicle charging stations.

When you own an electric vehicle (EV), your lifestyle is changed in some way already. EV drivers have to consider that charging stations aren’t as frequent as gas stations, and plan accordingly. Range anxiety and charge anxiety (the time it takes to charge) are worries that the average driver doesn’t consider on a daily basis. When you own an EV and not your own garage, there are even more concerns about the ability to charge. But new model building codes by the International Code Council (ICC) are changing to favor the EV-lifestyle and every state will be encouraged to start implementing them in 2021. The term “EV-Capable” or EV-Ready may not just be a filter to check off when consumers look for their next rental — it will be a necessity. It will no longer be up to the vehicle owner to retrofit their parking space, rather the apartment, development or developer will need to provide the electricity.

Whether your lifestyle is nomadic, tribal or exceedingly unhurried, making the upgrade to an electric vehicle in 2021 and beyond will be easier and easier. This is a win-win-win for residents, developers, and the environment.

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