Imagine a world with autonomous vehicles (AVs) on our roads.

With Zillow and Opendoor building a totally tech-driven transaction at the expense of real estate agents, agents must figure out how they can come out on top. Those agents who find this scary and those that find it exciting will likely predict who survives and thrives, and who become extinct.

New companies in the real estate space are trying to cut out the traditional customer service work (door locks for self-touring and digital everything) — at the cost of sidestepping Realtors® and discounting the commissions. Yet, an irreplaceable step in a real estate transaction is the mile-by-mile trip to viewing a home and exploring an area — and this cannot be digitized. (Sorry and plus, VR goggles are never smelling the place. Period.) For that reason, agents should focus some attention on making a home buying ride more personal, more educational and more enjoyable overall. The websites, and Wikipedia only provide a limited scope of any given community — personal knowledge & geographical expertise is something that today’s buyers want and need in an agent to help them make the most informed decision about one of the biggest purchases of their lives.



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